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Anyone for a Banana Split?

By June 20, 2022March 27th, 2023blog

I LOVED banana splits when I was a kid – did you?

Charisma Horton is a pattern designer extra-ordinaire and has created a series of patterns she is calling her Banana Split Series.

I fell in love with the pattern called A Bright Corner…. I am just a sucker for stars!

It is a jelly roll friendly quilt (A Bright Corner uses two full jelly rolls) and you know how much I love jelly rolls (almost as much as banana splits!)

I used Hole Punch Dot jelly rolls from Ruby Star Society – and the best bit is the jelly roll has a couple of white strips as well so I tweaked the pattern a little bit to use the 2.5″ strips for my stars – it was just meant to be!

You can purchase the PDF downloadable pattern from my website and I also have some of the acrylic Banana Split templates (which also have their own pattern too!) that makes cutting so much easier!

I had SUCH fun making the A Bright Corner quilt! Playing with the jelly rolls, picking which colours to put together, starting to decide the layout

The sewing jelly rolls together is fun, easy sewing. The cutting took me a little bit more time as I wanted to be nice and careful. I also trimmed my jelly roll strips once sewn together as they were a little wider than 2.5″ each.

I decided to tweak where the stars were a little bit from the original pattern… and as I didn’t sew everything together until the very end, I was able to move things around easily to get the stars in just the right position (in my mind!) And this is a queen size bed, so as you can see it is going to make a beautiful bed quilt!

The Hole Punch Dot jelly rolls that I used had a great mix of darks and lights…. so I went with a sort of gradient from the gorgeous bright yellows and pinks down towards the navy, greens and black.

And then of course, there was the photo shoot of the finished quilt! @thefabrichusband was having a bit of fun in front of an 1840’s cottage in Penola, South Australia (complete with washing on the line!)

And then we found this wonderful old wooden shed to take pictures in front of.

I quilted an all over digital design of fall leaves – it just gave some lovely texture without being too fussy.

So grab yourself this great pattern and the acrylic templates – they can be used for ALL of Charisma’s Banana Split Series – and have yourself some fun!

And I have made a video talking about the quilt and showing it off! Check it out

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  • Susan says:

    Very nice Anne, and what obliging husbands we have as quilt holders. My last post showed the top of a head with beanie too, holding up a quilt. Love your hero shots in Penola. Take care and hugs.

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