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Bowl Me Over Bag

By September 10, 2018September 20th, 2019blog

When I booked in for the classes with Annie Unrein at Sew Inn early July it didn’t actually matter which of her patterns we did in class, I liked them all!

So when I found out that one of the classes was for the Bowl Me Over Bag I was rapt! It is a great size… sort of a very large handbag… just the perfect thing to take with me to a Quilting Festival (plenty of space for goodies!)

With all the other things I had going on, it wasn’t until this weekend I finally finished up my bag. And I really love it!

Lots of pockets and places to put things…. and I am loving the Art Gallery denim I used on the outside! I thought it might be better to have a darker colour on the outside so it won’t show the dust and dirt quite as quickly!

An one thing I found with my Weekender Bag was when I put it down on the ground it really needed bag feet… so this time I put some in!

They weren’t too hard to put in thank goodness! Annie doesn’t like using them as it puts holes in the bag… but I think I will take the risk. She uses stacks of very large buttons as ‘feet’ for her bags!

And did I mention pockets?? The front pocket is a magnetic closure

I am thinking easy access business cards and brochures and phone 🙂 And I just had to use some Kate Spain Canyon fabric for the inside of the pockets….. makes me smile every time!

And then the big zip pocket on the back

This pocket is big enough to fit my purse… coz we all know I will be getting that out LOTS at the Quilt Festival 😀

And inside there are slip pockets on one side and another big zip pocket on the other…. glasses and lip gloss and hair ties and all the other paraphernalia that one seems to have to take with them everywhere!

And still plenty of space inside to fit all the goodies that will get bought!

As bags go the instructions were great… step by step and pretty clear. I won’t lie, it did take almost 3 solid days to get this one finished, so they aren’t quick projects (hehe and that didn’t include the two days of humming and haaing over fabric selections!!).

But boy are they worth making! Nothing better than using your bag and someone saying ‘ooh I love your bag!’ and you get to say ‘I made it myself’ 🙂

And I will leave you with the joys of photo shoots around the Said With Love Quilt Barn and house….. the duckies want to get into EVERY picture!

This bag is one my third quarter Finishalongs #2018FAL  #2018FALSWL


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