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Boxes and Crosses and Hugs

By January 1, 2017December 31st, 2017blog

Way, way back in April, I made the Boxes and Crosses quilt for my friend Mia and I was so busy at that time I forgot to post some pictures of it!

It is an Emma Jean Jansen pattern from her book By The Bundle and whilst it is a simple pattern of squares, it comes up looking fabulous!

I carefully chose lots of fabric from my stash for things that have meaning for my friend and chose blues as it was to go in their bedroom so needed to be not too overtly girly!

I did put a small pop of pink in there as the ‘feature’ square 🙂

And I like to think of my friend (who lives a very long way away from me) snuggling under the quilt reading a book or cuddling up to her husband or puppy dog!

Or maybe lazing in a park having a picnic 🙂

One of the wonderful things about quilts is that it is like sending one of your hugs to a loved one… all they need to do is wrap it around them and it is just like you were there with them.


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