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Bunny Cushion

By October 2, 2017November 20th, 2017blog

I finally got to play with one of @fiberworksquiltshop collage patterns! I have been drooling over these since I first saw them being displayed at Quilt Market a few years ago.

I love ‘The Dress’ and the Dress Form


but I finally decided on making The Bunny (Hip Hop) for my friend Karen for her birthday.

Now in my usual fashion I didn’t want to just make a quilt sized bunny…. I wanted to make a cushion sized bunny. Talking to a friend who has been to a class, the one thing that was mentioned was DO NOT decrease the size of the pattern as it makes it much more difficult. Yep, so that is what I went ahead and did. Halved the size of the pattern.

It was fun, but boy it takes a LONG time and there is lots of fiddling. And you could keep fiddling for AGES! At some point you just have to stop and fuse it all down!

I loved finding little flowers and cute things to put into the bunny. Hearts, cats, birds and lots of cute flowers 🙂



I quilted around the edge of the bunny and I hope that will be enough to keep it together (each flower is fused down and so is the whole bunny)… but we shall see. It was a great project. Have you tried one of Laura’s collage type quilts?

Part of my fourth quarter #2017FAL  #2017FALSWL



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