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Craft Room Organisation – Fabric Storage

By October 14, 2019October 16th, 2019blog

Ok, I am going in! Yes, I am going to talk about Craft Room Fabric Storage.

And not ONCE am I going to mention the words ‘too much’ and ‘fabric’ in the same sentence! hehe… well… except just there 🙂

This craft room organisation kick that I am on has been motivated by wanting to make the most of my space and allow myself to sew AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE – without distractions and time wasters of not being able to find the pattern or the fabric or the notion I need.

So…. I decided it was time to get serious with my organisation! Last week was about pattern storage and this week is all about fabric.

I have two main spots for my fabric storage… the first is an IKEA glass door cabinet (helps keep the dust off it) that has all fabric by designer.

This is where fabric might sit for quite a while whilst I delight in it, pat it, drool over it and decide what pattern is deserving of being made with these gorgeous fabrics 🙂

I recently had to pull everything out of this cupboard and do some major work on making it more sturdy for all the fabric I was trying to store in there. It is surprising how much fabric weighs!

Each stack of fabric is a different designer (or in the case of Bonnie & Camille, a couple of shelves!) however it gets messy very quickly and it isn’t easy to pull it out to find a particular print I want.

So….. my plan is to make hour baskets for each designer. (the pattern is called an Hour Basket as it takes about an hour to make each!) Thanks to @kelby_sews for this great pattern which is only about $1.50 AUD or for about $7 AUD you can get the Friends of the Hour Basket pattern which has heaps of different sizes etc. TOTALLY WORTH IT!

And of course the hour baskets need to be made from that designers fabric! This one I made from April Showers by Bonnie & Camille and it is going to have the green Bonnie & Camille fabrics in it 🙂

And I also have a few from last year that one of my friends made for me so I now almost have a shelf of Bonnie & Camille hour baskets done.

And I already have another patchwork one using Marmalade planned for the pinks. My plan is to have them cut out and when I get a spare moment or two, do the next step on a few of them.

My second fabric storage space in my craft room in a gorgeous stained glass window cabinet (again to keep dust and direct sunshine off my fabrics) that holds my ‘by colour’ fabrics.

This just becomes a disaster zone VERY quickly when I am making as I inevitably want the FQ from down the bottom… or hiding at the back. Ugh.

So this area too is going to tidied up with hour baskets made from fabric of the colour of the fabric being stored in it! They not only look much neater sitting on the shelves, but it means I can grab the ‘red’ one out and find just the right FQ I need and then pop it back. No falling towers of fabric!

And for some colours (like the red and my black/white/neutral/greys on the top shelf that I have lots of) there will be multiple hour baskets to store it all in. They fit half yards quite nicely as well as fat quarters.

I can’t wait to have all the baskets made and both these cupboards looking super neat and tidy!

How do you store your fabric?

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