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Create Retreats Harcourt

By March 3, 2023February 26th, 2024blog

I have just come back from the most wonderful weekend away with some of the women in my family for a crafty/relaxing retreat at Create Retreats Harcourt.

Kerrie Lay has created the most wonderful retreat space and I wanted to share with you the space and some of the fun we had!

All of the bedrooms have quilts on the beds (of course!) and one bed has a version of the Girt By Sea in the original colours as per the pattern (the one on the right above), so I couldn’t resist taking my rainbow version of Girt By Sea (on the left above). Mine has never been washed, so you can see the difference washing makes! Yes, they do shrink a little bit!

If you want to read more about my Girt By Sea – check out the blog post here.

These were hanging over the back deck which was a lovely spot to watch the sunset from!

Here are all the bedrooms and beautiful quilts!

The downstairs crafty space was HUGE and had two design walls, two cutting tables, two ironing boards and irons plus pins, rulers and even rotating cutting mats!

Lots of space for sewing, crafting and relaxing!

I managed to get two quilt tops together whilst I was there… my Moda Love Star with Hearts first.

And a small baby quilt using D is for Dream charm pack… I am rethinking that yellow sashing however… I think it is too overpowering (though looks soft in real life before I put it with the Dream fabrics).

Then there were the ‘house’ rooms…. living room, dining space, full kitchen plus downstairs kitchenette and two bathrooms. There are three loos in the house, so no queues!

And there are DVDs and books and jigsaw puzzles for those times when you don’t want to be sewing or crafting away.

Oh, and the cafe next door is fabulous! My very finicky niece said the coffee was fantastic!

All in all, a great weekend and one I will be repeating in June with some quilty friends!

EDIT as of Feb 2024: Kerrie has now put mattress toppers on the beds AND put fans in all the upstairs bedrooms! What a responsive host! [My original comment : The only thing I will say, bring a mattress topper with you to give the very firm mattresses some ‘give’ and if you are coming during warm weather, a few portable fans as not all the bedrooms have built in fans.]

I also managed to fix my great-nephew’s quilt… he has had it since he moved into his ‘big bed’ at age 2… and he is coming up to 10 this year! It has been loved so much he had worn a hole in the backing/edge!

If you are interested in finding out more about the Create Retreats properties (there is one out at Warburton too!) head to the website

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