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Farm Girl Vintage 2 – Acorn

By January 17, 2020blog

The saying “Large streams from little fountains flow, Tall oaks from little acorns grow” comes to mind with this block for the Farm Girl Vintage 2 #farmgirlfridays….. I went looking around our Oak tree in our front yard to see if I could find any acorns left…. but the birds have found every last one of them! There will be no tall oaks growing up this year!!

I am so glad I managed to get some Elementary by Sweetwater … I wasn’t in the quilting world when it was first released (or only just) so I searched destashes and picked up any bit I could find whilst wandering around Quilt Shops. A bit like antiquing, except with fabric!!

The second block for this week of Farm Girl Vintage 2 is the Lazy Daisy block… a nice easy one and I am loving the teals!

And I realise I haven’t given you an update on Farm Life for a while…. we have 4 teenage duckies that we hatched from eggs we managed to get before the crows got them. And they are now old enough to be out on the pond with the other grown ups.

And we had two mumma ducks get their nests to full term (yay!!) and we now have 13 more baby ducklings safe and sound with their mummas in the hutch inside the secure chicken pen. They are safe from predators (and the chooks!) and hopefully when they are a few weeks older we can let them and their mummas out onto the pond.

They are just a delight to watch play and explore their surroundings!

See you next week for two more Farm Girl Vintage blocks!


  • Anorina says:

    Oh my goodness you gave me a giggle, antiquing except for fabric. Love that analogy.
    I think I joined the quilting world after a lot of these prints had finished their run too.

    Both are gorgeous blocks and your duckies are just adorable.

    • SWL says:

      Hi Anorina! Hehe…. It can sometimes feel like a good mystery that needs solving…. Trying to find that waaaaay out of print bit of fabric!

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