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#hangingwithmygnomiesSAL – Week 1

Woohoo!! Time to make some gnomes!! 🙂

Seriously, this Norm & Nanette pattern by Elizabeth Hartman is just cute as 🙂 I am already starting to think of names for my gnomes (and if I get a chance, possibly some stories!)

Want to join in our relaxed sew along? Go and have a quick read of the Sew Along details then pick some cute fabric and start making some gnomes!

Here is my first gnome.

The boy gnome is pretty easy to make (can’t say about how easy the girl gnome is as I haven’t made one yet!!) with only a few small bits (like his mouth) and only a couple of stitch and flip corners. Basically if you can sew straight you can make a gnome!

And here is my second gnome. Yes, these are just as addictive as the penguins!! hehehe.

I am mixing up my gnomes – some will have white beards, some are a bit more salt and pepper 🙂 and, as in the human world, the gnome world has gnomes of all colours and interests!

And I can’t wait to make some Nanette gnomes next week…. what do you think about a pink or purple haired gnomette? 🙂

Can’t wait to see some of your gnomes this coming week!

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