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Hugs across an ocean

By August 7, 2023August 18th, 2023blog

My first thought when someone is going through a tough time is ‘I want to give them a quilt!’… however when the recipient is way across oceans, something smaller and lighter was an easier option!

Kristy from Quiet Play creates the most wonderful Foundation Paper Pieced patterns and this one ‘hug’ is a free one on her website it was PERFECT for what I wanted to send my friend.

I picked out some of my favourite red and navy Bonnie & Camille fabrics, printed out the templates and got to it! I enjoyed doing this whilst away on my recent Quilt Retreat with girlfriends.

It came together beautifully and I had to have it up on the design wall at Quilt Retreat for a while to admire.

And then I had a rush of panic… the person I was sending this to is a MASTER free motion quilter on both her domestic and her longarm…… and I struggle to do free motion on my domestic machine… EEK ! I really had to pull up my big girl panties to get the courage to just start and do it.

Definitely not perfect, but with hearts and loops there wasn’t really too much I could do wrongly! And that tiny heart in the centre of the g was just the perfect little finishing touch.

And then Grace (the green binding baby!) helped me hold the beautiful Bonnie & Camille binding

And the Love Heart Spindle is a new addition to help my binding babies stand up on my machine (I don’t have a second spool to pop them on) when unfurling the binding.

The backing I used is the same as the binding and I popped an enclosed / hidden zipper as well. I like using these on cushion backs so that the zip doesn’t rub on any precious couch or chair! If you want to watch how I put the enclosed zips on the back of a cushion, head to my youtube channel to watch.

Just had to sew the binding on by hand which I did out in front of the Quilt Barn and then it was ready to send off overeas.

And this is where my ‘said with love’ business name comes from…. words have meaning, words on or made with fabric have not only a meaning but a tactile feeling too.

Just like a hug in person does.


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