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Ruler Grippers

By July 15, 2023blog

After having yet another discussion with my hand therapist about my not-so-great wrist…. she suggested I look at alternative ways to cut fabric… both for the shop and for my personal projects.

Which sent me down a bit of a rabbit hole! There are quite a few products on the market to help out people like me whose hands/wrists need all the help they can get!

Take a look at my new cutting helpers!

And yes, the large one is exactly the same as those handle grippers you get to pop in the shower! (I actually have a couple of these for when my folks come to visit).

And the little one is really cute and I am hoping it will allow me to still trim HSTs and Flying Geese using my Bloc Loc rulers.

If you saw my quick video over on Instagram when I first got them, the little one wasn’t gripping at all, which was very disappointing… however the ruler I was trying it on had a hole (a hanging hole I suppose) near the middle of the ruler, so it wasn’t able to get an air tight suction grip! Once @thefabrichusband pointed that out to me (thanks honey!), I changed to one without a hole in the middle and it grips like a beauty!

So cross fingers for me that this will allow me to continue on sewing without causing my poor wrist any more damage!

If you have hand / wrist issues – what other things have helped you to continue quilting?


  • Susan says:

    You beauty! Especially the small one for trimming those pesky HSTs. Might have to take a little trip up to see you & maybe have a trial with them. Would that be OK? I’ll ring first. Take care & hugs.

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