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Sisterly Pinwheel Love

By March 28, 2015November 20th, 2017blog

My sister’s birthday is in late January but as I had to fit in making the Wrapped In Love quilt for our friend, I didn’t actually get to start my sister’s quilt until the day AFTER her birthday!

So I had to get a wriggle on and get this quilt top together quickly!

I had always wanted to make my sister a quilt with the Winter’s Lane fabric that I had bought ages ago…. it was just perfect for her!


I began planning the quilt design and realised very quickly that I didn’t have enough fabric…. and no backing…. or even enough for binding !

I put a call out on IG for “In Search Of” Winter’s Lane fabric and discovered that I am not the only person who loved this line! I managed to find a few shops that had some last bits and bobs and the lovely Karen @karensaw68 offered up some of her precious stash for me! As a thank you to Karen I made her a Bionic Gear Bag out of the scraps left and gave it to her when I finally met her in person 🙂


I began cutting….. and MADE MISTAKES! I quickly learnt the lesson that cutting at night after a long day at work was not a good thing (luckily it was the fabric that got cut, not my fingers!). Finally a very large pile of pin wheel blocks began to emerge.


I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Winter’s Lane fabric by Kate and Birdie. I think it is my all time favourite. Even the scraps are gorgeous!


Finally after quite a few marathon sewing sessions, I had a finished quilt top.


Off again to the fabulous Tina for quilting. We chose an open swirly design which gave some roundness to all those (not quite perfectly meeting) points!


And FINALLY I was able to present my sister her quilt by the end of March! It is a King Size quilt so very large to get a good photo of the whole thing at once!