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Wrapped in Love

By January 27, 2015May 12th, 2016blog

Just before Xmas 2014 we heard that one of our friends was battling lung cancer. My second thought was ‘I want to make her a quilt’ (my first thought involved some swear words, tears and ‘Nooooo!!!) .

I have discovered that I love red in quilts so the Winter Reds layer cake and jelly roll was used for a simple but effective pattern that I could put together pretty quickly.


I sometimes look at ‘simple’ quilt patterns and feel guilty that I should be doing more complex blocks and patterns. But this pattern just looked so good and was so quick to put together I stopped feeling guilty very quickly!


I used my local lady Tina again to quilt it up and I just love the red thread she used!


We delivered the quilt (which we named ‘Wrapped in Love’ ) to our friend in late January.


We can’t be around all the time to literally wrap her in love in our arms, so the quilt was our substitute.

Chemo, hospitalisation and a long recovery at home was undertaken – all with her new favourite quilt wrapped around her. Even in the Australian summer she found having a quilt to snuggle under to read or just look out at the garden was lovely.


She is still fighting but has been on a lovely overseas holiday and is coming to visit us again up on the farm soon…. I am expecting her quilt to come with her too!

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