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Some Customer Quilts

By June 15, 2019July 3rd, 2019blog

I thought you might like an update on some of the customer quilts I have been quilting lately….. Lily the Longarm and I are having a BALL quilting together.

I have been mainly doing all over designs like this recent quilt by Jodie Seers finished with a loopy heart design (I think it is my favourite design). Pattern is my Jelly Roll Patch. Just hearts and loops and curls and more hearts…. because we just can’t get enough hearts, right?

Swirls are also a lovely all over design…. gives a great texture but doesn’t take away from the piecing and blocks of the quilt.

This quilt is by Vicki Canning and was made from some awesome Tim Holtz fabrics.

There have also been some wonderful quilts getting straight line quilting… which can look fabulous on modern quilts! Both of these were from Fiona from Alice in Fabricland and made from Alison Glass fabrics (all the heart eyes!)

And just starting to get into a bit of custom quilting too! Ruler work and free motion – there are so many possibilities!

Just so much fun quilting for other people – I get to see the most gorgeous quilts, and it is wonderful being able to be a small part of their quilts!

Head on over to our Longarm Quilting page if you are interested in booking in your quilt to get the Said With Love service!

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