2019 Quilting Plan Q4

By October 15, 2019 October 16th, 2019 blog

The last quarter of 2019 is upon us! This has been a hectic year with lots going on and my personal sewing has suffered.

I am working on my plans for 2020 and I am trying to make time for all the things I NEED to do as well as all the things I WANT to do!

Last quarter was soooo busy! (check out the blog post of the last quarter here) to see the things I did (and didn’t!) get finished!

A reminder of where I am at with my overall goals for 2019 :

  • Classes have gone really well in 2019. Planning for some more fun in 2010.
  • My longarm quilting business is booming! Working on pulling back on my day job so I can do more quilting in 2020!
  • Fabric Sales are going well – Moda Precuts are very popular!
  • Only two more Charm Collective patterns this year! Check out the Charm Collective here!

And below are what I am hoping to get finished before the end of 2019.

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Girt by Sea Quilt

OK. This one has been on the list every quarter this year….. but it is first up on Lily the Longarm during my December holidays, so hoping this will get quilted, bound, photographed AND blogged before 31st December!

Jelly Roll patch in B&C Handmade

Another one that has been sitting on my WIP pile all year. December holidays this one is going to get busted out!

Charm Collective November

The next release in the Charm Collective pattern series

Charm Collective December

The last in the Charm Collective pattern series

Dr Who

A surprise birthday present (but very belated!) for my Dr Who loving niece…. here’s hoping she doesn’t actually read my blog!!

This one is going to be pushed out to 2020…. it isn’t even going to make it into the last quarter of 2019! But determined to finish it before next year’s birthday!!

Swell Xmas Quilt

Oh wouldn’t this be good to get finished before Xmas this year?!?! I am stuck on what to put on the backing…. do I make it a double sided quilt? Or do I just use some yardage and make a quick backing so I can get it done?

Hour Baskets

I want to get my fabric all neat and tidy before the end of the year, so more Hour Baskets are required. Already have two more patchwork panels made up, and two more fabrics pulled.

Hoping for another 6 before the end of the year.

Xmas Bunting

I am working with my CWA girls to make heaps of Xmas bunting to decorate a local town and there are METRES to be made….


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