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Icy Poles Sew Along – Week 8 The Gerb Kids

By September 22, 2018blog, Icy Poles Sew Along

I can’t begin to tell you how much fun these blocks are and how much I am enjoying writing up their little stories!

For more information about the sew along and to see previous blog posts, have a read of the Icy Poles Sew Along page 🙂

Tardi Gerb

Tardi was 8 days late in hatching and has been late for EVERYTHING ever since! Her parents despaired of ever getting her to school or ballet class on time. Tardi has three watches, one on each wrist and one hanging on her shirt AND she has a mobile phone with alarms set (usually set at least a half hour earlier than the actual appointment) but STILL she can’t ever seem to get where she should be on time.

Marguerite has pretty much given up. What will be will be. Her gorgeous daughter might be late for everything but she is happy and smart so hopefully all will turn out well for Tardi!

Daphne Gerb

Thankfully Tardi’s younger sister, Daphne, wasn’t quite so much of a handful…. well… maybe that isn’t quite true! Daphne got all of Bob’s musical talent and is constantly drumming and strumming everything she can lay her hands on. Bob gave her a small guitar for her last birthday and is teaching her to play.

But last weekend she snuck out of the house to go and watch her favourite band play in town… she was gone for 4 hours and Marguerite was about to call the Penguin Police! Thankfully Bob went and found her and brought her back safely (after the band had finished of course!).

Next week is another block from North Stars!

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