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RSS Spring Sewalong 2023 Finish

By December 26, 2023blog

Ruby Star Society did the sewalong of their Swatch Quilt back in March 2023 and I joined in using a Warp & Weft layer cake! Read more about the original quilt make here.

You can click on the image below to get the free pattern from Ruby Star Society!

This was a quick and easy make….. sometimes it is just nice to have something you can just sew without having to think about too much!

The quilt top has sat in my to-be-quilted pile for quite a while this year! Finally I was able to get it quilted on Lily the Longarm and I used a lovely digital design that looks like lotus leaves. It quilts up quickly and isn’t too dense which I love.

I chose a very dark navy print for the backing – it was a bandana print from one of the Ruby Star Collections and is lovely and soft… it went well with the wovens on the front.

One thing I will say though….. sewing a very dark navy (basically black) binding onto the same fabric backing was VERY hard on the eyes! I could only do it in bright daylight sitting by a window and even then it was a bit hit and miss : )

So here is the Ruby Star Society Spring 2023 Sewalong quilt in all its very bright glory!

And an indoor shot as the weather turned on us as we were taking the above picture!

I hope that Ruby Star Society does another one of these easy sewalongs during 2024 for us!

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