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Works In Progress

By September 18, 2018blog

Wow…. I counted up all the quilt tops I have in line to be quilted and I first thought four…. then five…. but when I really counted them all up… OH MY GOODNESS…. I have seven. (these two below are just two of the gorgeous ones I am itching to finish!)


And then I have four more very close to being finished. Gulp. That is 11.

Then another two that are more longer term projects that I potter about and do when I get the chance. That is 13.

And you know what I wanted to do this week???? Yep, you guessed it, start another project. Luckily I actually need a little bit more fabric for that one, so I have popped it into a WIP bag under my cutting table for a little while.

But I did love getting it all laid out and using the good old coloured pencils to start working up a plan. 🙂

Maybe if I don’t start this one just yet, it might mean I can finish some of the others!!

I have actually been reasonably good with my Quarter 3 Finishalong Goals (you can read about them all by clicking the link) but a few extra things have snuck in 🙂

Back to all those quilts in waiting……in my defence I have been stuck on how to quilt some of these. And I am hoping that my visit to AMQ, the machine quilting festival in Adelaide this week, will give me some great ideas (and some new skills) in which to quilt these beauties in a way which will enhance the quilt.

I found I was just quilting things in whatever would get them done. I decided it was time to think about things a little more and do something a little more fancy!

But somehow I think I will still have some WIPs hanging around on 10th & 11th November for the WIP Weekend…. want to come join me and get some of your works in progress finished too? I’m thinking xmas presents, xmas swap and about 7 quilt bindings…. !

So…. do you want to ‘fess up to how many quilt WIPs you have? (ooh shoot… I forgot about another one that is put away in the too hard basket… so my count is actually 14). What is your number?? 🙂


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