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Stitch Pink 2021 Community Slowalong

#communityslowalong #swlstitchpink2021

We are taking some of the best of the 2020 Stitch Pink blocks and adding in some of our own 6.5″ blocks as well…. this will give us a wonderful sampler style quilt that will be truly unique and YOU!

We will be using a limited palette from the Sincerely Yours fabric for our Community Stitch Pink kits and as this fabric collection has been delayed, we will be starting on the 1st November 2021. You are welcome to join in using any fabrics from your stash you would like!

This is going to be a fun and relaxed sewalong that starts on the 1st November and will go until late January 2022.

Head to our online shop (Aussies and New Zealand only sorry) to purchase your quilt kit.

Buy your Community Quilt Kit here

Or this one would also be amazing as a scrappy project from your stash!

We will be sending out emails on Mondays as we make 13 of the 12.5″ blocks from 2020 and add in twelve 6.5″ blocks in a fun setting to give you a unique quilt!

Sign ups are now closed for this sewalong

And along the way, we will be meeting some new people, sharing some information about Breast Cancer Awareness and maybe even having a few prizes!

How the Sew Along Will Work

Sign up to receive the emails for the


We will send out a welcome email straight away and then each week you will get an email with what blocks we are doing that week as well as my tips and tricks on making them!

You can join our Facebook Sewalong & Quilting Group (please don’t forget to answer the member questions!) and then you can post the pictures of your blocks there.

And / Or you can post on Instagram and use the hashtags

#communityslowalong  #swlstitchpink2021 and feel free to tag me too @said_with_love as I don’t want to miss your gorgeous blocks!

We will be starting on 1st November and ending late January 2022.


This is going to be a fun and friendly slowalong …. enjoy your sewing time when you are able, the emails with all my tips and tricks will be there in your inbox for when you have the time.

Cut out a block or two when you get a chance. Then you can sew a little bit here and there. It will slowly add up!

But most of all, don’t stress! Have fun, get to know some people doing the sewalong, learn some new skills and enjoy!

Connecting With Others and Keeping Up to Date

This sew along is being run on Instagram AND on Facebook

On Instagram you can connect with others who are participating by using the hashtags : #communityslowalong  #swlstitchpink2021

On Facebook please join in the Said With Love Sew Along group so you can share your blocks and progress there and see what others are doing.

You can follow me on Instagram @said_with_love and on Facebook Said With Love

Community Slowalong Block Patterns

Sew Along Blog Posts


Stitch Pink 2021

Everyone had such a fabulous time last year doing Moda's Stitch Pink with us that we had to do Stitch Pink again in 2021! And this year is a little bit different : ) We are actually doing TWO sewalongs! Don't worry, you don't need to do both.... one will…
August 4, 2021

Community Slowalong – Fabric Requirements

The Community Slowalong starts on Monday November 1st and you can find out more about the slowalong and how to join in on the Community Slowalong main webpage. And there are still some fabric kits using the gorgeous Sincerely Yours fabrics available here. But if you want to join in…
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Community Slowalong – Week 1

Welcome to week 1 of the Community Slowalong! We will be doing two blocks a week until late January 2022.... so nice and slow and fun. If you sign up for the sewalong here you will receive each week's blocks and also my tips and tricks to your inbox. Also…
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Community Slowalong – Week 2

We are off and making blocks in our Community Slowalong! Each week we are doing a 12" block and a 6" block. This week our 6" block, in its setting block, is the Bird in the Hand This block can be made in many ways depending on where you put…
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Community Slowalong – Week 3

This week we are Monkeying Around! That is the name of the 12" block for this week. This one looks great with a high contrast between the two colours : ) And our 6" block for the week is called Hashtag. This one is lots of small pieces, but that…
November 15, 2021

Community Slowalong – Week 4

We are flying with the geese this week! The 6"block is called Dutchman's Puzzle and gives you a chance to use different colours for each flying geese in the block! And our 12"block is called Fly Away Home and is a great time to use the four at a time…
November 22, 2021

Community Slowalong – Week 5

After our week of flying geese I thought it best to have a slightly easier week! Wings and a Wreath shouldn't be too hard to fit into your week. Give Me Wings is the 12"block for this week.... I loved using my favourite fabric from the Sincerely Yours collection of…
November 29, 2021

Community Slowalong – Week 6

Welcome to the Celebrity Mother Hen week! (can you tell I have fun thinking of names for each of the weeks?!) Our 12" block for this week is the Celebrity block.... and this celebrity is a bit of a diva! Definitely a block to take your time with and to…
December 6, 2021

Community Slowalong – Week 7

It has been wonderful seeing everyone's blocks over in our Facebook Sewalong & Quilting Group as well as over on Instagram with the hashtag #communityslowalong There are some wonderful fabrics being used and people are having fun with colour placements! This week's 12" block is called Catch a Falling Star…
December 13, 2021

Community Slowalong – Week 8

In all the excitement of family getting together for Christmas, I forgot to post this blog post about the week 8 blocks for the Community Slowalong! So here they are..... The 12" block is called Pine Nut and it is a doozy for just before Christmas (sorry!!). The trick is…
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Community Slowalong – Week 9

New Year and some new blocks for our Community Slowalong, a relaxed and fun sewalong that will be going until early February. Each week we are doing two blocks... a 12" block and a 6" block in a setting to make it into a 12" block. All coming together to…
January 4, 2022

Community Slowalong – Week 10

This week the Underdog wins! Our 12"block for the Community Slowalong this week is called Underdog and it has some hourglass blocks with different fabrics on two sides. A little more trouble than just a standard hourglass block, but it can make the block look quite different! And our 6"block…
January 10, 2022

Community Slowalong – Week 11

We are starting to get near the end of our Community Slowalong! Everyone has been having a fun time, even with some of the more 'çhallenging' blocks! This week our 12" block is called On The Rise and is a star within a star! I can't wait to see everyone's…
January 17, 2022

Community Slowalong – Week 12

The penultimate week of blocks! And I have saved a doozy until last.... sorry! Just Call Me A Diva is our 12" block this week and yep, she is a Diva! Take your time with this one and pin, trim, pin and don't forget to breathe! So to counteract the…
January 24, 2022

Community Slowalong – Week 13

I think I have saved the best until last! The final week off our Community Slowalong features this gorgeous Scrappy Pieced Heart block! Such a fun block to do and will be completely unique to your Slowalong quilt as it is made from the scraps from all the rest of…
February 1, 2022

Community Slowalong – Final Quilt

I finally was able to get my Community Slowalong quilt up on Lily the Longarm and quilted! Yay! I do love a finished project! I am really pleased with how this sewalong went - so many gorgeous people joined in and have made their own quilt (well, quilt top!). And…
March 18, 2022