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New Jelly Roll Rug making tool!

By September 6, 2023blog

If you have followed me for a few years, you will know I LOVE a good jelly roll rug! I have made many of them over the years (check out all my previous blog posts of the jelly roll rugs I have made! One, two, three, four and five and they are only the ones I remembered to blog about!)

Most of them are oval like this one below

So when I saw there was a new tool out to help the making go a bit faster and easier, I was quick to grab one and try it out! The Clover Fabric Tube Maker is an ingenious tool that really does help!

I thought the best way to try out a new jelly roll rug tool, was to make another jelly roll rug! And this time I thought I would make another round jelly roll rug!

I started with a Sweetwater Mainstreet jelly roll, two of the cotton jelly roll batting rolls and the clover fabric tube maker. You will also need the pattern from Roma Quilts on ETSY

Follow along in my video of me deciding what layout for the jelly roll rug, then using the tool and then sewing the round jelly roll rug!

The Clover Fabric Tube Maker tool makes it even quicker than when I was using the Jerry’s Jelly Roll Jig! It does one more fold, saving strain on your hand (and I am always looking for that these days!)

This is a picture of how the two parts of the tool work together to get the jelly roll and batting all ready for sewing!

And my round jelly roll rug using the Mainstreet jelly roll turned out a treat! This one is ear marked as a present so I think I’m going to have to make a couple more!

I couldn’t resist trying it out in a few places around the house!

Can’t wait to give it to the person and hope they love it as much as I do!

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