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2023 Makes and Finishes

By December 1, 2023December 26th, 2023blog

As we slide into December, dreaming of the sewing opportunities hopefully coming up over the holiday break, I thought it might be fun to go back and see what I had actually made / created / finished this year!

I wasn’t expecting much as it has been a very busy year, but not a particular ‘finish lots of thing’ kind of year….. and that is OK.

However I went back through and found I had finished 14 quilts this year! WHAT?! Well done me!! (and how did I do that??)

Turns out I did not actually MAKE all 15 quilts this year, but I did quilt and bind them in this year, so they get counted in 2023 hehe!

Barn Star Sampler Quilt ( full reveal coming next week if I can get some photos in this weather!)

Bathing Box Quilt pattern was released in Great Australian Magazine just a couple of days ago!

Bathing Box Quilt in some slightly different fabrics – yes, I have made two of them already!

MPavilion Quilt – this was such a different and fun process

Mi Casa Quilt – from the May Sew Sampler box – a quick and easy make that was a nice change from the longer projects I was working on at the time!

Ruby Star Society Sprint 2023 Sewalong quilt just squeaked in as a finish in 2023!

Rainbow Slider Quilt in Rainbow Sherbet fabrics – such a fun jelly roll quilt to make. Pattern now available!

Rainbow Slider Quilt in Bonnie & Camille fabrics – so good to use up some stash!

Rosemary Quilt in Blooming Bunch and Flower Power fabrics – this was my stand out favourite quilt this year…. in fact, possibly of all time. I just love it!

Queen of Hearts Quilt – in Tula fabrics of course! This was made a couple of years ago, but quilted, bound and given away this year!

Spools of Love in Tula fabrics – another that I had finished making previously, but finally quilted and bound this year. And staying with me!

Quadrangle Quilt was also made a couple of years ago, but finally finished this year! You think this should mean that my WIP list is getting smaller……. spoiler alert… it isn’t!!

Moda Love Star Quilt – from a fun sewalong early in the year with Moda

There are actually two quilts for the newest member of our extended family made this year…. a cute milestone quilt for them to take pictures on each month and a more practical fun one for pram or floor time! I haven’t blogged about these as yet… oops!

And there were the other, more 3D type things that I like to pop in between quilts…. a laptop bag, a hug cushion, a jelly roll rug, some project bags, boomerang bags (stay tuned for a video soon), a tote bag or two.

There was one thing I was really chuffed about making this year, and that was my Ironing Board Station! So, so happy with it. And wish I had made it years ago!

So it was amazing to realise that I had been so much more productive than I realised or remembered! It pays to keep track of your makes (or in my case, blog about them!)

What make have you enjoyed / been most proud of this year?


  • Susan says:

    Wow……you have been busy & just love all your makes. Puts me to shame. Isn’t the weather woeful? Look forward to seeing more of what you’ve achieved nd must get across to see you. Take care & hugs from a very wet Gippsland.

    • SWL-admin says:

      Thank you Susan! I am sure you have created some lovely things this year! Thank goodness the sun started shining today! I am sure there will be another Open Quilt Barn day in 2024!

  • Jenny says:

    Bravo! They look fab. So satisfying for you too to chronicle them like this.
    Keep going. Congrats on being in the magazine with your bathing box – very cute.

    • SWL-admin says:

      Thanks Jenny! Yes, I do love having them all in one place to realise I WAS productive this year!! And thank you, being published has been a lovely experience!

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