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2019 in Review – where did it go?!

By January 1, 2020blog

Here we are at the end of 2019…. at the end of the decade (!?) and it is always a moment to stop and reflect on where did the year / decade go!?

I used to laugh at ‘old’ people when they said that time just flew…. because in my school days a year felt like a LIFETIME!!

But now I do get it….. the days, weeks, months and years just seem to whiz by and sometimes in a blur…!

So this year was a VERY busy one and a surprising one!

I made 15 quilts! And I am going to make that up to 16 as my Girt by Sea quilt is soooooo close to being finished I am going to turn a blind eye to the fact that it won’t actually be bound before the New Year! Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt!

These are all the quilts I made! Patchwork Sky, April Showers, Three Pane’s a Charm, Jolly Bar Bonbons, Charmbot 1, Picnic Rug, Dream Big, Charm Framed, Charmbot 2, Charm Medley, Diamonds are the Charm, Flannel Patchwork, Jelly Roll Patch, Harvest Road Nature and Merry Little Christmas.

2 Jelly Roll Rugs, one in A Day in Paris and another in Aria (which is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE!)…. I love how Jelly Roll Rugs can brighten up a room and are a great way to show off all the beautiful fabrics in a Jelly Roll! (psst we are having another Jelly Roll Rug class in 2020! )

I ventured into making some wall hangings such as the Just Red Tree, a Girl Power banner as well as a Playroom banner

There were also four table runners made in Cheeky fabrics, the Charm on the Fringe table runner as well as a sample for the 2020 Beginner’s Quilting class and a Swell Christmas Santa table runner!

There was also an Amy Butler Weekender Bag (and yes, I have given in to pressure and there will be an Amy Butler Weekender Bag class starting in March 2020!) and a Tote Bag from the Amy Sinibaldi book tour!

And there were numerous other items such as mug rugs, cushions, Put a PIN in it hoop for your enamel pins, pin cushions, lined and unlined grocery bags, charity zippy pouches and handover bags, hourbaskets galore, thread catchers, pencil case, lanyards, kitchen cupboard curtains, scrunchies and probably a whole heap more little things!

So when I look at all the things I have managed to make this year I am surprised!

2019 saw me creating the Charm Collective – 12 patterns to use 5″ charm squares with. This stretched me to release a pattern a month which was a LOT of hard work!

It also had me opening up my Longarm Quilting business on Lily the Longarm, my Bernina Q24! This has been a wonderful journey, filled with meeting the most amazing women who bring me their quilts and meeting fellow longarm quilters!

I also was part of Mathew Boudreaux (aka Mister Domestic) Project Party for his Catch & Release fabric line for Art Gallery. Mathew has been a wonderful support to all the people in that project party, so much so that we are now called his Master Makers and are involved in more projects and parties in future!

And thanks also to Mister Domestic, one of my makes, the Words-To-Play-By Banner, was featured in the Art Gallery Look Book for his brand new fabric line, Playroom. I can’t begin to tell you how EXCITING it was to see one of my makes in such a beautiful, professional online publication!!

There were also wonderful times in our classes in the Quilt Barn during 2019 and there are more fun things planned for 2020. Check out the Classes page to read all about the upcoming classes and weekends!

And we also started selling a curated range of fabrics in our online store. Pre-cuts and bundles with some yardage for backings and bindings are what we are focusing on. Keep an eye on our newsletter and Instagram for what delicious fabrics have arrived!

We offer a layby where you can pay your purchases over 4 payments – great for when there are pre-orders and the fabric isn’t arriving for a few months!

On a personal note I had surgery on both my eyes for early onset cataracts (now THAT wasn’t in the 2019 plan!!) which had me off work for almost 2 months (bit hard to sew or work on a computer when you can’t see very well!) and my mother suffered multiple emergency trips to hospital in Adelaide. Medically not a great year for our family. We are hoping that in 202 we see much less of the insides of hospitals!

My brother has moved from Sydney down to Ballarat so we now have all my brother’s family in Ballarat or Melbourne which is lovely!

So… now that I have taken you on a trip down memory lane for 2019 it is on to 2020! Bring it on!

What was your delights for 2019?

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